Clients Say

“I felt like I was always broke even though I knew I had money coming in.”
Deb helped me figure out;

  • where’s my money going
  • what I’m spending my money on
  • & how to keep more of my money

if this is you – you need Deb Schmitz.

Get more “money conscious.” This client also raised her credit score 120 points in 12 months.

Deb was referred to me when I was struggling with my marriage and exploring divorce. I’ve always taken pride in my ability to manage finances. I’d always been the bookkeeper, money manager in my life. What I didn’t know was lots about insurance policies and investments.

After doing some homework for Deb, she was able to assist me in making some needed changes to get “my house” in order whether I stayed married or not. She provided me with a spreadsheet detailing accounts and policies that I now have for any need in the future.

Deb was professional but understanding and kind during the process. She made me feel comfortable during an uncomfortable time in my life. I never felt awkward! I never felt “less than” because I didn’t understand something. I respect her knowledge and method and recommend her highly, regardless of how much “you think you know”!

J.B.  Loudon


Deb has the rare gift of listening, then simplifying the multi-faceted topic of finance into a series of steps that, when followed, ensure success. Through encouragement and education, she assists clients in gaining the confidence necessary to understand and guide their financial future.
Dana H.

Deb has provided financial advice and counseling services to us for several years. From the beginning she has been an exceptionally good listener as she helped us to arrive at decisions which protect our future financial security as well as that of our children, grand children and great grand children.
We find Deb to be knowledgeable, skilled and compassionate as she directs us to options of investment which meet our needs. She has been able to interpret the language of financial documents for our understanding. We feel that we have found a friend as well as an advocate for our financial well being. Deb has contributed to our sense of serenity by offering us her personal and professional services.

Drs. John & Virginia Eaddy

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you. I cannot believe it has been five years since we first met. Since you have been helping me, I have not worried about money like I used to. I rely on you for many things and have confided in you over the years. I can’t share with others what I feel comfortable sharing with you. I have complete trust in you and know I will not run out of money.

Thanks for always being there. I don’t know what I would do without you.

Barbara B.

Deb, I have reviewed the documents that you sent. Thank You for preparing the information, it was very informative. I appreciate you very much for caring for Mom the way you have. It is hard for her to trust people and she trusts you very much. I feel the course you have mapped out is tailored for Mom’s situation perfectly. She is very reliant on her “income” (as she puts it). If there is ever any questions you may have, or information you may need, please feel free to contact me. Again, I appreciate very much your personalization and attention to detail concerning her accounts.

It makes my brother and I very securing knowing you are representing Mom’s best interest.