Book Raves

Read the book this morning all the way through…couldn’t put it down! I loved the real life stories that went along with each chapter and how each topic was easy to understand and easy to put into action. Congratulations on being able to exclude the boring and complicated when talking about financial planning! Karen W. Knoxville

I thought I knew most of what I needed to know financially, but found information, and ways of looking at my money from this book, and so will you. Deb has poured so much of herself into “My Own Money Mechanic,” and her passion is contagious. I highly recommend it for all women, and those who love them.
Amelia Crotwell Attorney-at-Law Elder Law of East Tennessee

Your book is fantastic!!!!!! Congratulations, you have a winner on your hands. It is so well written!
Sue C. Liberty Township, OH

Your book is really good and easy to follow. It is very easy to understand which is great!
Sue K. Cleveland, OH

Great Read! Easy to understand. Good job. I gave each of my staff one to read and we are having weekly discussions on each chapter.
Royce Carlson, State Farm Insurance Agent, Chicago, IL