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  • Really enjoyed your Newsletter – and love your signature “The Money Mechanic”. We can’t wait to get your book. You are going to be helping a lot of people our age and they can feel so confident in being able to trust you and make the right choices.
  • Loved your newsletter and please keep me on your mailing list.
  • Love it……looks great!!!
  • Loved it – and your grand-nephew is adorable!
  • Deb, I love this!
  • And taking me through what my assets are and liabilities – because I have no clue how to make that list – is unbelievably valuable. That was what I meant by getting my ‘ducks in a row’. I don’t know what we have or where to put it on a list. Yeah! I’ve begun. Teach me more. This is VERY helpful.
  • Great Newsletter!