Great article in USA Today Money section on women and investing

I find it interesting that just now financial advisors are realizing talking to women is different than talking to men. The article stated women like to learn in small groups – that is why my Money Showers are fun and informative! They consist of a small group of women that come together to discuss money and how it touches our lives. I’ve also made up games to play to make it fun.

Where does your little piggy go?

I love USA Today Snapshots  The graphic is very creative and the info pertinent.  The other day they had a piggy bank pie chart with “What we have saved for retitrement”  39% of us have saved less than $25,000.  24% were not sure. The other 4 savings categories ranged from 14% to 7% (minimum by comparison).  Do you know where you are and how you got there?  Better yet, do you know where you want to go?